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Selling or Exchanging Your Property

Selling Real Estate

Determining when and with whom you sell real estate can be a challenging endeavor. KingSide Investment Group takes the time and effort to make sure that all resources are exhausted so that you’re maximizing the value of your real estate.      

Selling Commercial Real Estate – Let KingSide Be Your Guide

When exclusively listing real estate for sale, we create and tailor a marketing approach for your investment asset. We sit down with each client and take the time to discuss the different marketing tools that are utilized to reach prospective buyers in a domestic and national reach.

Understanding Multifamily Real Estate

It is imperative to have a solid foundation in real estate when it comes to representing our clients in the disposition and acquisition of investment assets. With real estate legislation constantly evolving in California, KingSide Investment Group has its finger on the pulse of the market and is able to provide timely advice to clients in the real estate sphere. By owning real estate ourselves, we are able to take a different approach to the consultation we provide whether it be in person or over the phone.

Our Role Towards Your Real Estate Goal

KingSide Investment Group serves an advisory role and will help guide you through the real estate process. We have created partnerships and unique relationships with other professionals in the real estate business with the intent to better service and suit your real estate needs.

Your Questions About Selling

KingSide offers advisory services throughout the transaction cycle. If you are looking to sell your property and/or exchange your property, KingSide can help you determine if now is the best time to sell.

  • Is now the best time to sell?
  • How will interest rates affect my property’s value?
  • Will a Buyer be able to pay the price that I want?
  • Are there any exchange properties available that fit my needs?

KingSide's Solutions

  • Examine similar assets that have sold and discuss if pricing expectations are met
  • Consult with different lenders to determine effect of interest rates on pricing
  • Complete a property evaluation and present the results
  • Gather the investment criteria and showcase relevant properties which will satisfy the given requirements
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Is now the best time to sell? Should I be buying in this market? Let KingSide advise you throughout the transaction cycle.