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What Is My Property Worth?

Property Evaluations

KingSide Investment Group provides its clients with a “Broker Opinion of Value'' or an “evaluation” so that clients have a better understanding as to how their investment asset is performing in comparison to other properties in the portfolio and the overall market. Included in the “Broker Opinion of Value'' is the price at which the market supports in the event you allow us the opportunity to exclusively list the property. We look at your investment asset in a micro and macro approach so that you understand how we arrived at our price and operating assumptions. 

KingSide offers advisory services throughout the transaction cycle. Even if you are not ready to sell your property, KingSide can help you determine what your property is worth. We will analyze the market and work with you to establish a time frame for selling so that you can maximize the value of your property.

Additionally, KingSide offers expert knowledge on the management and operation of your property. Contact us to find ways of maintaining your property's value over time.

Why do you need to know your property’s value?

It is imperative that clients understand the fundamentals of real estate and what can be done in order to maximize his or her profits. In order to do so, knowing the value of the investment asset and whether it is operating in an efficient manner is instrumental to managing a real estate portfolio. Clients seek out a “Broker Opinion of Value” for a multitude of reasons including: possible sale, refinance, partnership dissolution, management of a will, court appointed sale, etc. 

Your Questions About Your Property

  • How can I maintain my property’s value over time?
  • What are some ways I can handle “problem” tenants?
  • Who are the property managers, contractors, repairmen that you recommend for property maintenance and improvement?
  • Which steps should I be taking to ensure my current investment strategy
    is achieving my goals?
  • How can I take advantage of the lending market to maximize my returns?

KingSide's Solutions

  • Schedule a meeting to determine goals and discuss how to achieve them
  • Property tour with an agent
  • Interview several referrals in order to make the best selection for any given job
  • Meet to determine if current investment strategy can/will
    accomplish specific goals
  • Review of current debt and its potential replacement with capital markets representative
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